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Joie Roomie Go

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RM 1,099.00
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RM 1,099.00
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RM 1,599.00



made for travel

The roomie go quickly folds down into one tiny package – no struggling or disassembling involved. It’s compact and lightweight so you can easily carry it along as you travel or tuck it away into small boots and cupboards.

Mum lying in bed interacting with baby lying in the Roomie Go bedside travel crib

close for comfort

Sleeping side by side without sharing a bed makes parent-baby bonding a dream. With your little one snugly in arm’s reach, you can easily feed, cuddle, soothe or simply stare at that sweet face from the comfort of your own bed.

Straight on view of the Joie Roomie Go bedside crib with lift and lower side panel down. Two downward orange arrows illustrate the panel lowering.

easy access to baby 

Lift and lower side panel allows easy access to baby, helping you answer those midnight wakeup calls smoothly from the cosy comfort of your own bed.

Angled view of the Joie Roomie Go bedside crib with an inset showing the mesh interior of the crib mattress

sleep sweetly

The comfortably cushioned yet firm mattress comes included and is covered in soft woven mesh so baby can breathe easily (which means you both can rest peacefully).

Front view of light grey Joie Roomie Go bedside crib, displaying tilt feature.

happy tummy tilt

Minimize your little one’s night time indigestion issues with a gentle tilt to help them comfortably digest their bedtime and overnight snacks.


Product Weight: 9.5 kg

Product Open Size: l 90.3 x w 68.5 x h 74.8 - 82.2 cm

Product Folded Size: l 88.8 x w 23.5 x w 53 cm

Mattress Dimensions: l 84 x w 51 x h 6 cm

Usage: birth to 9 kg