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Haenim Nexusfit 7A Lite Ultraportable Double Breastpump

Regular price
RM 799.00
Sale price
RM 799.00
Regular price
RM 1,099.00


  • More silent and battery power saving
  • Efficient, soft and quick double pumping (Closed System)
  • 215g Breast Pump that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Powerful in expression with the Turbo function
  • Total 36 levels mode : 9 Level of Massage, 9 Levels of Turbo Massage, 9 Levels of Expression & 9 Levels of Turbo Expression modComplete with NexusFit™ Breastpump Accessories (2 sets):
    • Made as a single silicone and plastic component 

    • Material quality improved for both silicone valve and silicone diaphragm

    • Comes with regular size that can fit multiple sizes from 20 - 32 mm of nipple sizes

    • The inner pump body part designed to prevent back flow effectively

    • Flexibility tubing direction suitable for hands free pumping 

    • Compact pump body design, easy to store

    • Ergonomic design to allow pumping session at more comfortable position

    • Provide equal pressure throughout pumping, resulting in lowering the pain and increase the soothe factor.

    • Easy to clean & storage.

    • Made in KOREA
    • One (1) Year Warranty
    • Note: Able to connect with USB type-C