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Isauchi iSmart 6in1 Baby Food Processor

Regular price
RM 429.00
Sale price
RM 429.00
Regular price
RM 599.00

iSMART 6 in 1 function baby food processor is a high quality device that performs a variety of functions.
It has an attractive design and takes up little space in the kitchen.

What you can do with iSMART 6 in 1 function baby food processor?

1.Steam cooking with 2 modes steaming
2.Blending with 2 speed modes blending for different food textures
3.Rapid heating & warming food up to 8 hours
4.Sterilisation of bottles and accessories
6.Self cleaning and descaling in the water tank

Key Features of iSMART 6 in 1 function baby food processor:

- Touch screen control panel
- Adjustable angle information display with backlight
- An extended set of accessories
- Double safety switch for safety use (will not turn on without water tank / improperly installed lid)
- Automatic shutdown at low water level and when the food processor is idling
- Visual and audible indication
- Convenient and compact, storage space for cable, cooking accessories can be stored inside the device.
- Jug, baskets and blades are suitable for dishwasher

Whats Included In the Box ] 

1 x main unit and water container 

1 x decorative lid for the water container 

1 x water tank screw cap 

1 x bowl cover

1 x splash cover 

1 x blender bowl 

1 x measuring cup 

1 x strainer 

1 x steaming basket 

1 x blade 

1 x gasket 

1 x blade locking ring 

1 x spatula 

1 x tweezers 


1 + 1 Years