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Yookido Submarine Spray Whale

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Water play becomes extreme when you’ve got a submarine… Especially one that loves to play catch with its buddy the friendly whale. This award-winning duo turns bath time into a crazy water show as the submarine hose sprays bath water, turning the happy whale into a sprinkler, a racer, or a fill and pour water funnel.


  • Place the battery-operated submarine at the bottom of the tub using the suction cup and get ready for action. Make sure the water level covers the submarine windows. 

  • Start the steady flow of water by squeezing the knobs on the diver shower handle, which are designed especially for easy grip and activation by small hands.

  • Aim the water flow at the whale to see it float and swim across the tub.

  • Direct the water flow into the whale’s tail and watch it spraying water from its head.

  • Fill up the whale with water and suddenly it's a water-pouring funnel. When filling the whale through the mouth, you can pour the water out both from the front and a small hole in the back. What a fun sense of accomplishment!